Thursday, June 26, 2008

Makes a Mother Proud

Yesterday my daughter exclaimed to me with great enthusiasm. "I don't ever want to be a cheerleader! It's too girly!"

Oh, my heart is filled with such pride. (Just ignore for the moment that I was once a head cheerleader myself.)

And then, after her rather inauspicious start at soccer camp, yesterday she won the day's Coach's Award for her perseverance, attitude and for scoring her first goal. She was so proud of herself. And her brother made a spectacle of himself cheering for her.

It was very cute.

Since Tuesday afternoon, a bunch of school parents have been very friendly to me at camp pick-up. And the head coach made a point to talk to me too. What a difference a day makes.

Don't let any of this make you assume that I'm in a better mood. I am cranky and reveling in it right now.

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