Tuesday, July 08, 2008


My parents are driving down to visit. It should take them about 12 hours. My father can't really fly anymore so they are ecstatic to have us living within a day's drive.

Last week they told me they were leaving on the 10th. So I figured I had until Thursday night to set up the guest room.

Yesterday they told me they were leaving on the 9th or the 10th.

Tonight they told me they are leaving at midnight. Tonight. They'll be here by about ten tomorrow.

And the guest room? It's completely full of boxes and crap. Boxes and crap I have nowhere to put yet.

My husband is a saint. He just busted his ass to move it all around. And he bought a mattress and box spring. And he moved them up the stairs. And he snuck out to buy a pink Schwinn for my daughter's birthday this weekend.

The parents will be here until at least next Monday.

I'm going to owe my husband big time.

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