Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pity Party in the Trash Pile

In my quest to be the absolute last person to jump on any bandwagon, I've recently fallen in love with Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. I'm fascinated not only by the characters who work in Duff Goldman's bakery, but by the stories behind the cakes too.

If anyone ever cared so much that they had a beautiful and unique cake designed especially for me, I would be beside myself. But the Ace of Cakes' cakes start at a grand. So I think I'll be waiting for some time. (Maybe someone will order one to be served at my wake.)

My birthday this year was kind of horrible. It started out really amazing. My friends threw me a farewell lunch. When my husband happened to mention to my friend SW that the lunch was scheduled for the Friday before my birthday, she went ahead and arranged for everyone to surprise me with gifts.

It was all so sweet and overwhelming. It's the first birthday party I've had since I was a kid.

But my actual birthday truly sucked. Other than a phone call from my mother and Patrick (who is alive, by the way) it was completely ignored.

My husband didn't even get me a card. My own husband.

When I got down about it my husband ran out to Lowes and got me a gift card. Which he planned to use to pay for new flooring for our new family room. So not only was it a last minute gift, it was truly thoughtless too.

I don't know. The whole world could forget my birthday and it would be fine as long as my husband remembered. But for it to be just another day to him after he had been hinting at doing something really special for once...well. He hurt my feelings.

He ended up not buying the flooring from Lowes. That just occurred to me today while I was fantasizing about some of the things I'd love to buy for the house. I couldn't remember what I had done with it. But then it suddenly hit me.

It was in an envelope. And I think I threw it away yesterday.

Now I have to go diving through the bags of trash piled up in our garage awaiting a trip to the dump to find a valuable birthday gift I wish I had never received.

Maybe by my 40th birthday someone will pull something together. I guess that gives me five years to make some friends.

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