Sunday, October 12, 2008

Waiting Boom

It recently occurred to me that I spend about...oh, say...maybe 80% of my waking hours waiting.

I wait for the dog to get groomed. I wait for my husband to get home. I wait in carpool line. I wait for the kids to finish practice. I wait and wait and wait.

Not that I mind it. Not really. There are always things to distract and entertain me.

At the groomer's I listen to Buffy's "stylist" Myke (with a y) tell me about his wife and kid. While waiting on my husband, I watch TiVo'd Craig Ferguson and try not to develop a crush. In carpool line I read or people watch. The parents at school are especially entertaining.

But my favorite is waiting at my kids' practices.

My kids spend an inordinate amount of time practicing things. In fact, if you think about it, practice really defines childhood. Right now the kids are mostly practicing violin and soccer.

Their violin teacher is one of my favorite people here. She's just like me! Except talented, young, and really pretty. Plus, her cutie doctor husband does yard work while the kids have their lesson.

And their soccer coaches. Yum. Well, I should point out that my husband is my son's soccer coach, but they also both go to soccer clinics once a week.

Those soccer coaches are just too damn yummy to ignore. And they have these moves! Da-yum! They can do the most amazing things with those balls. And they can turn on this incredible speed in a split second.


And, oh hey! Look at that. Ding! Looks like someone's libido is alive again.

Now, I guess I just have to do something about it. And for that I might be waiting a little more. The man's sleeping already.

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