Wednesday, June 02, 2010

He's No Bobby Orr

Do you know what I love about my son?

That he sucks at sports.

Well, okay, I'm not so much psyched that he sucks at sports. If he was good at sports he'd be all fit and...kind of normal. I sometimes wish I could go up to parents whose sons can ride bikes and throw balls like it is not a big deal and tell them to be more appreciative.

I'd love it if my kid was good at sports. Because I love sports. But he's not. He sucks.

But, I love that he still loves them.

Yes, my son who struggles at sports jumps at any chance to play anything. And he loves hockey. He absolutely loves it.

It takes a special kind of person to always be the worst on the team, yet practice harder and show more commitment than anyone else.

This weekend he was talking about which hockey team he'd play on as a teenager. He sees that he's improving, albeit slower than everyone else, and with a lot more hours of sweat. He sees a future for himself.

After Hockey Academy this weekend he told me, "I'm so proud of myself."

And that's why I love him. Because he sucks at sports and he happily sticks with them anyway.

He tells me, "You can't be good at everything, Mom. I'm good at violin. But that doesn't mean I'll stop playing hockey."

He's turning me into the most well-adjusted hockey mom ever.

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