Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blue Star Flag Hung Again

I've been wanting to write for a while.

You see, I saved this little outdated, naval-gazing thing called a blog for just this purpose. So that when my husband was deployed, and my alone hours stretched far and long, I'd have an outlet.

And he'd have one more way of keeping up with us and what is going on in our lives, from a different perspective. He says I'm much different on my blog. He gets more, or maybe a different part to the story than I tell him in e-mail or on the phone.

But, it's been so long since I've written, I forgot my user name and password. It took me a few days to remember. Hell, there was a time in my life when if you suggested I might forget my blog user name, I would have laughed at you. "Impossible," I would have said.

Now, well, blogs are so 2004.

So my husband is officially in Afghanistan.

It's fine.

Yesterday was totally fine. Today kind of sucked. We're tired. Ridiculously tired.

I've been waiting for this deployment for so long, now that it is finally here, I'm not sure how I feel. Except tired.

And I need to make a to-do list. For months I've been putting off doing anything that wasn't immediately necessary, telling myself, "I'll get to it when he leaves." But now that he's gone, I just want a rest.

So, the Blue Star flag is hung in our window once again. And we take on a day-by-day approach to life. And the days march by in relative peace and happiness.

2 down. 178 to go.

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