Monday, June 05, 2006

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I have been on more public transportation in the last five days then I have in my entire life combined.

My trip to New York started out with my parents driving me to the bus. I took the bus to Logan Airport, a plane to JFK, a shuttle train around JFK, a subway through Queens to Manhattan and I even finished out a night of way too much drinking with a cab ride back to Patrick's place.

Today after lunch with Patrick, I repeated the whole process in reverse.

By the way, what is it about me that makes people ask me for directions on the subway? Do I look like a New Yorker?

I suppose I must have tons of stories about my long gay blogger weekend stored up in my brain somewhere. But I'm too tired to extract them at the moment.

Unfortunately, this is the last night I'll have computer access for a while since I'm kidnapping my children and taking them to the Cape for some Tuna-family-only time. And doesn't it figure that my parents' computer isn't working right.

Don't worry. I'll figure something out. I can still mobile blog. Maybe I'll even write some posts out longhand and mail them to Patrick or my husband to post. How retro cool would that be?

All in all I should say that I had a great weekend. Patrick is a fabulous host and I had a blast meeting new bloggers, spending time with old friends, and making some new friends too.

If you look around hard enough you'll find plenty of pictures of me that can be used for blackmail. And no, I'm not telling you where to find them.

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