Thursday, March 19, 2009

Speaking of School

Yeah. Um, speaking of school (ahem)...

This week is the beginning of the final trimester for the kids at school. My daughter's teacher called to let me know that they are moving my daughter up into an enrichment level math class.

Um, okay. Seems a little late, but whatever.

I've finally adopted a "whatever" attitude just in time for my daughter to get her first all-A report card ever. I've got to work up more enthusiasm.

The final trimester is also the trimester when my daughter starts her "Strings Exploration". She will be taught basic violin at school and play a concert for the parents in May. This should be interesting.

My son had a very good report card too. What makes me the happiest for him is that he is noted for having outstanding manners and class participation.

He is also very happy because he will have an art piece featured in a show at school this month. Apparently, it's a big deal. It's funny because he is so mathematical that I forget he is artistic too. He won an award at a city-wide art show last year. We're going to the opening this afternoon.

He's so funny because he immediately pointed out to me that his best buddy was not going to be in the show. His best friend is the smartest child I have ever met in real life. His IQ must be through the roof, but he is also a very polite, social, and an all-around good kid. They do math challenges together, but he is ahead of my son in reading. My son feels a little competitive with him, but in a good way. It's nice for him to have a friend who challenges him.

And it's nice for my son to see that he has his own special talents too. And apparently they are in art and writing. According to his report card he is excelling in their first grade writers' workshop. My husband sighed at that. "Great," he said. "That's all I need. Another writer in the family."

He should count his blessings, no matter how wordy they may be.

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