Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer Loving

When my daughter and I were running out of the house to get to her rehearsal last night, our neighbor (who makes us look bad with all of her landscaping) looked up from her weeding to exclaim, "Wow! You guys never stop running, do you?"

She's right. On school days we're up and practicing violin by six. Then I drive the kids to school and spend my days doing housewifely stuff. By two I'm headed to pick them up again only to rush them around to speech therapy, soccer, baseball, swimming and violin. Then of course there is the hour of homework and the hour of homeschooling-type stuff we do every evening.

My kids go to bed by 7:30 so we have only four hours to fit all that after-school stuff into.

No wonder the neighbors have noticed our constant running.

I swore I would never overschedule my kids. But here we are. Granted, the sports we do are pretty much in separate seasons, but there is some overlap and the kids' sports sometimes conflict.

But after a weekend like this last one (with a soccer tournament, swim clinic, symphony and violin rehearsal), I feel like we just need to stop for a bit.

I just want to sit on the couch and watch a movie with my kids. Except it seems like there is no end in sight.

No wonder my son insists that he doesn't want to go to any camps or take any classes this summer. He says he wants to stay home "and relax!"

I know they'll be bored by mid-July. (And I'll be going stir crazy!)

But they have to go to a violin institute and a week of day camp at their new school in June. And they want to take surf lessons. Plus we have a big vacation planned in August.

But I have promised them to spend more days at the beach. And more days relaxing. And more days having fun.

For the first Spring ever, I'm looking forward to the Summer.

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