Monday, May 09, 2005

Flighty Girl

You'll excuse me if I'm a little too flighty to blog today, won't you?

My man is on his way home. It will take him more than two days to get here. But he's on his way home.

I teasingly told him a couple of days ago that while I was excited that he would be home in a week, it didn't leave me enough time to lose all the weight I had gained while he was gone. "It's too bad," I told him cheekily. "Because for a while there, I was getting pretty hot."

He replied, "You're always hot in my book."


I have to run now. I'm all a flutter. I've got to get ready for my husband's return.

And hot plumber boy is an hour late for our appointment. I've got to go clean out my pipes.

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