Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Some things should stay private!

I haven't blogged about PMS or my period in, well, like, maybe a month.

And that is unheard of!

But, come on. Just how blogable are stories about moods and cramps?

But yesterday my best friend bought me a half pound block of chocolate. He told the cashier it was a medical emergency.

That was sweet. The chocolate was amazing. (Yes, it is already gone.) And it made me feel better for a few minutes.

But he obliterated any sweetness points he had built up by blogging about my period today.


And no, I'm not linking to it.

But if his key doesn't work when he gets home tonight, you'll all know why.

Here's a piece of advice for you all. If you're going to make a new best friend, consider twice before you befriend a bartender (last night! Oy vey!) and stand-up comic.

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