Thursday, June 02, 2005

Who Rocks?

Oh, that's right. You do!

A couple of weeks ago, it was my birthday.

I have to admit that since I was a teenager, I've really not been a huge fan of my birthday. I know that it sounds selfish and immature, but nobody has ever made a big deal out of my birthday.

So I never did either. And I'd always end up feeling disappointed that nobody remembered me.

Um, yeah.

Not this year.

First of all, Patrick posted this on my blog. A word of advice, people. If you make Patrick an admin on your blog, he will use that power. (He'll also call you before 8 a.m., but that's a whole different story.)

And then, I kind of ruined it for a lot of you guys by going away and being away from my computer for a week on my birthday.

But my husband was collecting packages for me at home.

First I got a hand-painted mug from Pua. It's beautiful. The background has an ocean-feel to it and it has little fish and my name. I'd post a picture but even though most of you know my real name, I never actually say it here on the blog. I have to keep the husband content with my anonyminity.

Then I got a tower of chocolate from My Adoring Fans. I had to do a little investigative work, but I think Ryan was representing my adoring fans. I'd post a picture of my tower of chocolate, but ummm, we ate it. Fast. An entire tower of chocolate lasted my husband and me a day and a half.

And at Patrick's I got some more stuff. In Mark's pictures from GB/NYC2, I noticed everybody signing a T-shirt. "Oh! What a great idea," I thought. "That will make a nice souvenir."

Who knew that it would be for me?

Mz. Ouiser was the one who bought the T-shirt and coordinated the signing. I love her! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mz. Ouiser!

When I opened up the package from Mz. Ouiser (which also included an unsigned T-shirt for me to wear and some stickers for the kids), Patrick, Shamus, and I promptly sat down and read all the inscriptions. They made us laugh or say awwww.

I tried to get a picture that would show all of the signings, but I couldn't quite get it to work.

By the way, children make excellent models for gay-themed T-shirts written on by a bunch of drunks.

Some of you were so drunk, I wonder if you even remember what you wrote. I think my favorite, though is from MAK. He writes, "I wanted to sign on your boobs, but I'm too drunk to find them."

Thanks so much to all of you guys who wrote me messages, and the few of you who signed "by Proxy". And a hundred million thank you's to Mz. Ouiser. Who seriously rocks.

When I got home from my visit with Patrick, I had a bunch of e-cards and blog posts wishing me a happy birthday. You guys have no idea how much that means to me. I've never smiled so much on my birthday. Never.

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