Thursday, August 11, 2005

Famous Pornster Tuna Girl

I guess I'm a writer.

It seems like no matter what I do in my life, it always comes back to writing. Most every real job I've had has involved writing in one way or another. And a few years ago I just fell into being a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is a great way to make a living. As long as you don't need a good benefits package. And as long as you don't mind working with pain-in-the-ass clients.

I quit freelancing when I was pregnant with my son. Let's just say that I had dealt with one pain-in-the-ass client too many.

But now it seems that writing opportunities are just rolling in again.

One interesting one is to write erotic screenplays for a series of websites. Let's call them, just for giggles. (Hmmm. That site name isn't registered. Maybe I'm on to something here.)

Am I qualified to write screenplays for Well, frankly, yes. I am. I feel that I could come up with some quality stuff for But is that really where I want to go with my writing career (such as it is)?

My husband is all for it. I think he just has dollar signs in his eyes. But I had to ask him too, "Is this really the legacy you want me to have."

"Well, sure." was his reply. "I mean I wouldn't be announcing it at my promotion ceremony. 'I'd like to thank my wife, a writer at, for all of her support. I have samples of her work here at the front. Maybe you'll all join us for a beer after the ceremony.'"

I lost the thrill of seeing my name in print years ago. Although seeing my name on a book jacket (with a heavily photoshopped portrait) would still get my juices flowing. But I'm not real sure that I want to see my name in the credits of a porno.

I guess I'd go with a pen name. I'm thinking Rob Byrnes has a nice ring to it.

What do you guys think?

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