Monday, August 22, 2005

Spread the Love Again!

Once upon a time, Tuna Girl had only a handful of readers. And they were all gay men, except for him. (Hi, Brent!)

It was a nice time. A comfy time. Everybody got along and nobody's husband was reading. (Hi, Honey!)

And then I started to pick up a few military wife readers here and there. It made me a little nervous at first. I didn't want my blog to bite my husband's career in the ass for some reason. And I didn't want to offend anyone with my radically different views on life. I mean, I'm a Democrat for god's sake!

But then most of those military wife readers turned out to be pretty damn cool. Hell, some of them are even Pagan.

I never blogged about it, but I seriously considered taking my whole blog down at one point. It was my fellow military wives who kept me going. Sometimes I even feel like Tuna Girl is a place where people with very different backgrounds and views on the world can come together to laugh at me. And that rocks.

A few months ago, Rose started a support group of military blogger wives called GroupHUGS. Each month, we get a new buddy to contact. It's just a way for us to get to know each other and lend support when needed.

This month, my buddy is Berkley. Just like me, she is a stay-at-home mother of two. And her husband just left for a 240 day deployment.

She's feeling a little down, of course. And I wish there was something more I could do for her. I wish I could think of some way to make her smile.

You guys were so supportive of me while my husband was away. I wish I could share you with her.

Oh wait! I can! You guys really came through for Rose when I asked you to do this before.

Why don't you go on over to Berkley's blog and leave her a little hello. It's easy. Just click right here. And I'll be eternally grateful.

In fact, I'll be so grateful that I'll do something for you. Any requests? I have embarrassing pictures of some fellow bloggers. And I know some Manhunt handles. Any takers?

UPDATE: Thanks, you guys! I don't think you can possibly know how much that meant to Berkely. She even broke out a new blog skin for the occasion.

I love my readers! I guess I need to start posting those pictures, huh?


Housekeeping note: If I ever get my checkbook balanced, I'm going to take the time to organize my blogroll links. If yours needs to be updated, please let me know.

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