Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stories to Tell

I have been trying and trying over the past twenty-four hours to put together some intelligent thoughts on the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff's recent idiocy.

Read all about it at the links below. And read the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network response too.

Pace equates homosexuality to adultery

SLDN demands apology from Pace

But all I can come up with in my rage and disgust is this: Fuck off, asshole!

See, not so enlightened. And probably not going to get me any good press.

(Update: Pace: regrets, but no apology)

Just when I was getting my pulse going and my pen wagging to write to my local paper (a paper I've worked for and still write for occasionally) to drop Coulture's column, they went ahead and did so with an excellent editorial.

Now I have a new fire igniting my rage. But I am so angry that I can't seem to write logically. When I cool down, in a day or two, I'm going to give it a really good try. Then I'll see if my offer to be a recurring guest columnist holds up. And I'll see how many of my husband's colleagues I can piss off.

The insightful Scott of Sardonic Bomb recently said, "It IS making me hate Christianity, because even if this narrow mindset only represents a percentage of true Christians, the rest of them don't yet have the balls to stand up and publicly say, 'This is wrong.'"

Well, I may only be a quasi-Christian, but I'm standing up and saying it.

This is wrong!

It has gotten to the point where I think it is up to us, the military wives, the Republicans, the mid-America housewives, and especially the Christians to fight this fight. Gay America is not the enemy. They are not immoral. They are not akin to adulterers. They are just people, only somewhat different than you and me, who are trying to live life the best they can in a country that hates them more and more.

The top government officials and military leaders are not going to listen to Gay America. They are going to call them a bunch of fags and twist every effort they make into more hatred.

It is up to us.

Gay rights activist Barbara Gittings died last month. She had been fighting since the 1950's. Eric Alva is fighting now. (Read about him in the links below.) I think it is too much fighting, with too much cost, for too little gain.

It is our turn now.

UPDATE: Amen, sister! Paula at Ultrablog has a great take on things.

Any other straighties got something to say?

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