Monday, March 05, 2007

Three Drink Minimum

I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend.

I learned to always get my husband drunk when we go out on a date. Not only is he way fun, he buys me stuff.

My poor husband has been working an incredible number of hours at a very demanding job for months now. Combine that with normal stress over family and money and it's starting to take its toll.

I decided that we both needed a little break from life, so I booked a babysitter for Friday night.

When we had to wait twenty minutes for a table at the restaurant, we decided to get a drink at the bar. Diet Coke for me, please. Jack and Coke for the non-driver. He choked down a martini with dinner and then ordered another Jack and Coke to wash out the taste.

Woo hoo! Drunk Tuna Man is fun.

Actually, I'd say he was far from drunk. I've carried too many cadets back to their dorm rooms to think that. But he was loose and talkative and fun.

After dinner we went to Best Buy where he asked me what color iPod Shuffle I liked best. He then turned to the mohawked sales guy and said, "We'll take a Shuffle in pink, please."

We walked down the sidewalk to Target (because I'm not there enough during the week) and he talked me into buying a watch. Mine had broken in October and I was driving everyone in my life crazy always asking for the time.

Because he picked the restaurant and the after-dinner shopping, I got to pick the movie. I chose Music and Lyrics which was surprisingly good. My husband was happy because he apparently really likes Drew Barrymore. Who knew? Straight guys are so weird. (And Hugh Grant looks damn good for whatever advanced age he is.)

All in all it was the best date we've had in years. Maybe the best date we've had post kids. And I'm not just saying that because I got new stuff.

In other weekend news, Mr. Nathan acquired two new accouterments: A sleeveless t-shirt and a wedding ring.

And a nation of women and gay men mourn.

Now I feel bad ogling him. Damn ring.

Oh, hey! Look at what I have on my finger.

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