Friday, January 25, 2008

It's All in Your Hands

Here is more evidence that I should have been a man.

I found this article at USA Today to be quite interesting. But, well, it is USA Today, so maybe I should say that I find the article kind of fun.

"Recently, scientists in North America and Europe have looked to the
relative lengths of index and ring fingers for clues about a variety of
characteristics, including musical ability, athletic prowess and, in a study
just released, osteoarthritis risk.

The researchers believe that the difference between the two fingers'
lengths signifies the level of testosterone exposure in the womb. The longer the
ring finger compared to the index finger, the thinking goes, the higher the

Interesting. It goes on to say then that in most men, the ring finger is longer than the index finger and in most women the two fingers are about equal. It even said that gay men have ring and index fingers closer in length than straight men. (More proof that mothers do turn their sons the womb.)

Me? My ring finger is quite a bit longer than my index finger. Not to worry, the study tells me. This most likely suggests strong athletic tendencies. (It makes no mention of lesbian tendencies.)

"But, Manning says, one country hopes the tool will help identify future
athletes. He is working with Qatar's Aspire Sports Academy, whose vision,
according to its website, 'is to discover the best young sporting talent … and
transform them into world-renowned champions.'"

I'm going to go measure my kids' fingers right now. I was hoping my son could support me in my old age on his professional baseball salary. Momma wants a beach house!

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