Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The First Post

My first post. I feel as though I should be especially witty and urbane. Of course that would require that I actually be witty and urbane occasionally.

I've been reading blogs now for a few months. Some are wonderful. They make me want to live that blogger's life. Some...well, I've found that once I've linked to them I feel compelled to link back again and again. Even when the bloggers have nothing interesting to say.

I know that I have nothing interesting to say. So maybe that will take the pressure off. In a lot of blogs, folks tend to rant about what bugs them. And I've decided that to save my family and friends from the annoyance, I will blog my rants too.

I got a brand new dollar in the mail last week. It was fresh and crisp. And the oldest marketing ploy in the book. "Accept this dollar," the enclosed letter said, "as a thank you for participating in our survey. We'll be calling next week" All I can think is that I now have to answer the phone one more time and get all worked up talking to a telemarketer. Talking on the phone makes me uneasy at the best of times. Talking to strangers makes me downright nervous. The first time they called, I was changing a diaper, but expecting a call, so I ran to the phone and grabbed it without checking the caller ID. Since my son was naked in his bedroom, and I'd rather not have him play fireman on his new carpet, I quickly said, "So sorry. I have to run," and hung up.

Just a few minutes ago, they called again. 9:30 p.m. is too late to call someone at home, if you ask me. This time I was smart enough to check the caller ID, but I figured if I didn't tell them not to call back, they would just keep calling. As I interrupted the caller's canned script he said, "I just need to know what radio station you listen to." I actually thought for a second. And then had no clue. "I'm sorry," I sort of laughed. "I just can't even think. I really don't know." Then he mimicked me. Mimicked me! And said, "So apathetic!" and hung up. What a jerk. I was all spluttering into the phone. And actually saying out loud, though I'm alone, "Asshole!"

Now, I realize that most people would shrug this off and not even care. And in five minutes I will too. But, heck, I decided to blog, and I needed a rant. And this is it.

That damn dollar has been making me feel dirty all week. I feel like I should throw it away. I haven't even put it in my wallet. It's sitting on the kitchen table mocking me and my lameass attempt to be assertive. Maybe I'll slip it in my husband's wallet and let him deal with the karma fallout.

I promise to be more entertaining tomorrow, or whenever I blog next.

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