Thursday, July 13, 2006

Say Goodbye to Six

It wasn't even seven a.m. yet and I already had to warn my daughter, "Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean you can't be punished."

Ah. Welcome to seven, baby girl.

It's only past nine a.m. now and I had to take a moment's break from the kids. Admittedly, I escaped to my room (leaving Buffy in charge) to wrap my daughter's gifts. But I also felt the need to sit down and write just a bit. I need to put aside my frustration and let it all go.

All of her drama might get to me from time to time, but my little girl really is just too wonderful for words. She's put up with a lot, and sacrificed even more in her barely seven years, and she deserves to have a special day to herself. Even if it means that Mommy grows a few more gray hairs.

She likes to read over my shoulder now. If she happens to catch this I want her to know...

May all your leaps be fearless.
May all your pirouettes be free.
May every kick be your hardest.
May every note ring on key.
May every picture be a masterpiece.
May you become what you want to be.
May you find love and life and laughter.
And may you never turn into me.

I love you, baby girl. Happy birthday.

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