Friday, August 11, 2006

Just Wrong

When you are so sore from having so much sex that your husband has to hold your legs up for you while he gets his freak on, it's probably not a good time to start a new leg routine at the gym.


Apparently, Friday is jeans day for the staff at my gym. Does that seem weird to anybody else?


There is this very buff, athletic woman at my gym. She has the body I want, and the body I wasn't too far away from back in the day. I respect and admire her. She's always at the gym, no matter what time I go, and she has the best workout routine. But I hate her a little too. You know? It doesn't help that she's also gorgeous.

We ran into her one day out and about. I pointed her out to my husband. Let's just say that he agrees with my assessment. If she was into it, I bet I could talk my husband into a three-way.

I saw her at the gym this morning. She was wearing a t-shirt from a doughnut shop.

That is just wrong. I must vanquish her now. I wonder if I could bribe the shop girl to sneak chicken fat and sugar into her morning smoothie.

And I wonder if she is ever sore from having too much sex.

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