Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Just hours after my parents left for their long ride back home, my husband and I were sitting watching hockey.

"Oh! Nice move!" my husband exclaimed.

"I'm not putting out another puppy pad just for the dog to poop on!"

"Um, okay. Who said you had to?"

I heard him but didn't even process what he said.

"And there is nothing wrong with the heating! You just can't see how it works. And stay out of my attic!" I barked.

This time my husband didn't reply at all.

"You think we're too strict with the kids? Fine! They can be like your other grandkids, you know!"

My husband's eyes filled with sympathy. "They're still in your head, aren't they?"

"Yes!" I couldn't stop yelling. "I have parent-induced Tourettes."

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