Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Light Dawns on Twin Mountains

How I could I not have noticed this before?

Remember the buff women from my gym with the Krispy Kreme shirt? Well, she seems to have a gaggle of cohorts. They are all thin and in great shape. But last week I noticed something about all of them.

They all have big boobs. Nice boobs.

It wasn't until one of them showed up in a t-shirt with the name of a gentlemen's club emblazoned across those boobs that it even occurred to me.

They're all strippers.

Some accidental eavesdropping proved me right. My gym is the place for the stripper crowd to work out. Why? Because they have good childcare and no snooty society wives.

No wonder I like it there.

And no wonder my gym is always full of old men sitting around on the equipment talking and drinking coffee. There ain't nothing like a free show.

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