Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pretty, Pretty Fly Boy

While in the midst of fever dreams yesterday, I seem to remember my husband coming into the bedroom and saying, "You have got to thank MAK and K for the gift."

"Huh, what?" was most likely my reply.

Thank goodness my husband was able to get out of work yesterday. Not only was he able to drive the kids to school, he was able to go pick them up when they closed the schools two hours later. Yes, they closed the schools for "a wintery mix" of precipitation.

It seems that the kids were able to occupy themselves for most of the afternoon with MAK's gift of Pretty, Pretty, Princess. Except my son won't actually play games. He hates to lose so he'll just "help" someone play. Which means that my husband spent a couple of hours playing Pretty, Pretty, Princess with my daughter.

Why, oh why wasn't I awake to see that? I need pictures! Yes, I need pictures to share with all those guys at work who are terrified of him. This has "new call sign" written all over it.

So I thank you, MAK and K, for the gifts and the reminder that my husband will do anything for his daughter.

How do you think he'd feel about playing with a bunch of queens? We're going to have to find out.

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