Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Mullet-Wearing Teddy Bear

I am the queen of the package!

I love sending packages to people. Even if they are only filled with little trinkets. Or enough coffee to last a small platoon a year. (I don't drink coffee. I didn't know how much to send!) But the process of shipping something can leech the joy right out of it.

But I've discovered a secret.

Nestled away in a corner of the bottom floor of my husband's squadron building right here on base is a United States Post Office. It's so quiet there that I've never actually seen another customer. They have shelves and shelves full of Priority shipping boxes in shapes I've never conceived. And it's like it's right there all for me. My own private Tuna Shipping of America.

During the holidays, I was exiting the Post Office wrestling with three large boxes when I noticed something. My name was actually on the sign in the lobby! It really was Tuna Shipping of America!

On closer inspection I realized that the sign was for my husband's squadron, which shares a lobby with the Post Office.

99th Flying Ninja Squadron
Col Dirk "Kicks" Butts, Commander

Below that was listed my husbands rank, full name, call sign and job. Like he was...important or something!

I had no idea.

There's a part of me that will always see him as the mullet-wearing, grocery-bagging teenager he was when I fell in love with him.

I know it sounds mean, but I stood in the lobby and laughed for a second. It is just impossible for me to imagine my big 'ole Teddy Bear of a husband commanding people in combat. He's so laid back. These tough military guys actually listen to him?

Who knew?

I told him the story and he teases me about it, but he even admitted that it's a little surreal for him sometimes too. Mostly, it makes him feel old.

Yesterday he came home and said, "You think it was weird for my name to be on the sign at the squadron? You should hear this!"

He ran into an old commander of his and they were talking about the next crop of students my husband will be instructing. When the talk turned to one particular senior Captain the commander said, "My God, that guy is terrified of you!"

Apparently the Teddy Bear has a reputation. I am exceedingly amused by this revelation.

I wonder what the kids would think of it.

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