Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Confessions

I have a secret.

Okay, like it wasn't embarrassing enough that I'm a total HGTV geek, now I am completely hooked on Color Splash.

Well, wouldn't you be? Check out the host, David Bromstad, winner of last season's Design Star.

As always, I'm late to the party. I hate reality television so I didn't watch Design Star. But right before I left home for the summer, I happened to catch the end of one episode of David's new show.

Dear god, David is adorable. Cute. Sexy. Handsome. Funny. Bright. Talented.


Of course.

I immediately set my TiVo to record every episode (including duplicates) and to never ever erase them, ever.

I've been working my way through all the episodes I missed this summer. I always wait to enjoy them when I'm alone and have time to giggle and blush and replay my favorite moments over and over.

I want to move to California so he can design our house. I want to move to California so I can introduce him to my friends. I want to move to California and take care of him.

It occurred to me when I was watching an episode where David wasn't feeling well (poor, baby!) that when I develop a crush (Did I just say crush? Eek! I have a grown-up celebrity crush!) it's not because I want to sleep with the person, it's because I want to take care of them! And their smoosh-faced little puppy.


How pathetic am I?

I guess my husband (Hi, Honey!) should be happy that I've given up my straight crush on Joseph Fiennes (still hot, too bad his career tanked) for a mother-crush on a gay man I've only met in celluloid. Heck, some day he might even benefit from it.

With all the design shows I've been watching (over and over again), if I ever get around to decorating, our house might actually look decent.


Check out the Flickr set of this cute couple's Color Splash design.

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