Monday, August 27, 2007

What's Up With Me

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary.

I think I may love my husband more today than ever before. I am so incredibly lucky in marriage.

The kids took me out to dinner yesterday to celebrate. I was feeling kind of down and pissy this morning (more on that later) but a long, surprise phone call from my husband made me feel tons better. I may go buy myself something pretty to celebrate.

Do you know I've been dating or married to my husband for more than half of my life? That makes me feel young and happy.

I hate women.

Okay, I don't hate all women (especially those of you who are lovely enough to read my little blog) but I hate the way women interact most of the time. There is a reason why most of my friends are men. And my closest women friends are exceptional people.

Having a meeting with a bunch of women is like trying to have a meeting with a bunch of Little Tuna Girl clones. They flit from one topic to another, never making concrete plans. They don't have a clue what the word leadership means. Nor do they understand a simple agenda. And when the chairperson is late and everyone else is sitting around gossiping waiting for makes me want to slap her.

Wouldn't that make the feminists proud?

I'm sad.

One of my exceptional woman friends lost her dad yesterday after a long battle with cancer. I feel incredibly sad for her loss, maybe because I'm a little emotionally raw myself or maybe because she once confided in me how angry and helpless his illness has made her feel.

She is a wonderful, wonderful woman. A true one of a kind. Apparently she comes from good stock.

When I Googled her Dad to try and find some information, I found out that he is a somewhat famous publisher and philanthropist. You would never know that she came from a good way. He raised her right.

I'm sick.

Oh dear lord, I feel awful. I think I just have a regular, old cold but it kept me from sleeping a wink last night. I felt like I was drowning. Being sick while your husband is deployed sucks extra hard. There is no one to sympathize and coddle you. (Not that he ever does that, but still.)

I'm miraculous.

I suggest lighting some candles and making your peace because in about nine months there will be another virgin birth.

Where the hell is my period?

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