Monday, April 17, 2006

Let's Play Jeopardy

I'll go with things pissing Tuna Girl off for $100, Alex.

It's the number of posts she's written and scrapped today.

What is five, Alex?


I'll stay there and go with things pissing Tuna Girl off for $200.

It's the man she's unfairly blaming for her computer's virus.

Who is Tuna Man, Alex?


$300, Alex.

It's how many times she's restarted her computer since this morning.

What is too many times to count?

You're right.

Tuna Girl's pissy mood is being good to me, Alex. I'll stay there for $400.

It's the only thing to make Tuna Girl smile in the last four days?

What is this, Alex?

You are right, and that is one fancy way to answer.

I'll finish out the category, Alex.

All right. You're a brave man. And the answer is...

The one thing sure to make Tuna Girl's blood pressure rise and send her to an early grave.

What is her dog chewing all of the toilet paper, Alex?

*Bee Bloop*

No, I'm sorry. Anyone else.


What is inconsiderate drivers, Alex?

*Bee Bloop*



What is things not working the way they should, Alex?

You are right, and that puts you in the lead.

*Doo do do do, Doo do do...*

That music means we're out of time. Stay tuned for final jeopardy, where the category will be Tuna Girl's libido. We'll be right back.

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