Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's All About Me

Since my husband has to work all day today, he gave me my birthday cards this morning.

"I'd walk for miles for one of your smiles. I'd crawl through glass for a piece of your..."

Yeah. He gave it to me when the kids weren't around.

He has this thing about buying me multiple cards on holidays. Especially Valentine's Day and my birthday. I think that is really adorable.

He also gave me the School House Rocks DVD, Brokeback Mountain DVD, an iTunes gift card, and a new workout bag. I've really been wanting a cool new bag for the gym, and this one is pink. I love it.

"See," he said. "I listen to you."

To celebrate my 33rd year on this earth, I'll be shopping for forty pinwheels for the first grade picnic, going to AH's kid's birthday ice cream outing, going commando wearing a thong that I found at the back of my drawer, doing laundry, and not wearing my retainer.

Woo hoo. Go me!

Update: Never open a package containing a $50 box of Godiva truffles in front of your four-year-old son. If you do, tell him they have alcohol in them and distract him with the bubble wrap.

Another Update: My mother had to call to ask me how old I am turning. "I'm your child!" I told her.

"Well, I'm 56 so you must be... *thinking* *thinking* ...31."

"Mom, I'm 33."


"Oh my god!"

Yet Another Update: When my mother was my age, her kids were 13 and 10.


Oh my god!

Still Yet Another Update: My parents sent me lobsters for my birthday.

Godiva and lobsters. Do you think the people who love me know me at all?

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