Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Need "My Boy"

Damn, I wish Patrick were out of the hospital. For one thing, I had to write an "About Me" blurb all by myself. Don't those hospital people know that I need my best bud to write these things for me.

Secondly, The Vegas Thunder from Down Under show is coming to town. And right after my birthday too. I can't think of anyone I'd rather enjoy this cavalcade of cheesy beefcake with. I'm certainly not about to go with one of my female friends. They're not catty enough.

Maybe what I really need is some local gay friends. I'm just not sure where they keep all the boys down here. Besides, how am I supposed to meet them. Spot a 'mo, walk up and give the secret hand shake. "Hello. Fag hag since 04. Nice to meet you."

Mostly I'd just really like to see that show. Call it payback for every strip club my husband's ever been to (and not taken me).

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