Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Worst Nightmare Come True

Or...well...sort of, anyway.

My husband's commander grabbed him the other day to say, "We've really been enjoying your wife's blog."

Ack! Panic mode! Danger! Danger!

Those were words I've been dreading hearing for years now, so when my husband relayed them to me, my heart immediately clenched. I could feel the adrenaline pump down to my toes.

Of course I quickly remembered that I have another blog now, under my own name, that is part of a local site that's been getting a lot of promotion.

His commander went on to say that he really liked the article I had in the newspaper. Um, okay. I had no idea I had been published, but since the commander called it "touching" I'm going to assume they grabbed something out of my for-public-consumption blog.

My husband felt a little blindsided by that revelation. Especially coming from his boss.

This whole writing a blog attached to my real name thing has been somewhat disconcerting. I've found that I have no flare for humor when I can't resort to sex talk. My usually self-deprecating, the more embarrassing the better style doesn't really fly when I know that my kids' teachers and my husband's boss could be reading it.

I'm having a hard time decided what ideas to develop for here and which ones belong on my "other" blog. And it is weird not to own my own work.

But what the hell, I'm getting paid for it.

Huh. I'm getting paid to blog. That makes me, like...a professional blogger. I've lost my amateur status. I can no longer blog in the Olympics.

Do you like me better now?

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