Tuesday, November 04, 2008

As Political as I Get

Little Tuna Girl is on Team Obama at school. Today she will be debating Barack Obama's stance on immigration. She has done her research and she is ready.

She drew a blue slip out of a hat to be placed on Team Obama, but this was a great opportunity to teach her about researching candidates and not relying on advertising or the opinions of others to form her own ideas.

So I asked her, "If you could vote, who would you vote for."

"I'd vote for Obama," she told me. "I don't want Daddy to have to go back to Iraq."

That made me tear up a bit.

I honestly don't think it is so simple. I don't want her thinking that if one president is elected over another her military father won't have to go to war again in her lifetime, because that obviously isn't the case. But still, from her nine-year-old point of view, she did the research and came up with her own opinion. And that is the whole point of parenting.

My son has his own opinion too.

He was standing in the living room getting his soccer cleats on when he suddenly yelled to his sister. "Barack Obama is kind to animals! You have to vote for Barack Obama because he is kind to animals and you love animals! The other one is mean to animals!"

I have no idea where he got that from and can only imagine that his friends might have been bad mouthing Palin's hunting.

But listening to him say "Barack Obama" (and he always uses both names) with his deliberately pronounced "r" is the cutest damn thing ever.

Happy voting.

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