Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name

I'm so embarrassed.

A couple of months ago, Mark sent me a friend request on Facebook. My first thought was I have a Facebook account?
Then I remembered.
Probably about a year ago, a friend told me that I had to check out someone's Facebook profile. I strongly believe that I'm too damn old and out of touch to waste my time on Facebook, but this friend insisted.

So I used my tunagirl e-mail address to sign up.

I saw whatever profile pic I was supposed to see, hit the little X at the top of the window, and never thought about Facebook or how desperately unhip I am again.

Until I started getting friend requests. It turns out a bunch of my blog friends are on Facebook, so I decided to drink the Kool-Aid and dive in. I sent out a bunch of friend requests last night.

But I still didn't even really know what to do on Facebook.

It's weird. It's mostly all...

Bill just got home.

Rose added a picture.

John wants to eat sushi.

Rose edited her profile.

Rose is diddling herself.

It seemed like Rose was awfully damn busy, and I have no idea who Rose is. And it's funny that she went to the same schools as me. But whatever.

And then I realized what I had done.

When I signed up last year, Facebook wouldn't accept Tuna Girl as a real name. Op Sec and anonymity are deeply ingrained in my psyche, so I randomly chose a pseudonym. And completely forgot about it.

I'm Rose. Like I needed another pseudonym. Like I'm not weird enough.

And thus, I have proved, without a doubt that I am too unhip to be a part of Facebook. And my friends aren't going to let me live it down.

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