Monday, November 10, 2008

Those Damn Cows Made It

I mention here at least once a year how much I appreciate Nicky, Mark, and MAK. Those were the first three blogs I ever read and the first three readers and commenters I had here. Every time I have a blog-o-versary I am a little amazed that the three of them are still blogging.

A couple of months ago Nicky came close to closing his LiveJournal blog. Mark just moved his blog to a new place. And now MAK has finished his journey and closed his blog.

I am lucky enough to consider these three guys friends and I will especially miss following along with MAK's life on his blog. When I see MAK I always have the best time and feel instantly comfortable.

But I think MAK left his blog with the perfect parting words.

I suck at parting words. I look back at how I closed My Other Blog when I was let go and I wish I could write it again. I've even been thinking about how I'll end this blog since I first started writing it! I want to go out on a positive note, just like MAK did.

I write all of this mostly to say goodbye and thank you to my blog inspiration but also to reflect.

I found my yearbooks when I was unpacking the other day. My quote in my college yearbook, my parting words to the place I had loved and lived in for four years were these:

"Off we go into the wild, blue yonder..."


Were you as brilliant as me in your yearbook? Are you any more adept at parting words than I am?

I have the feeling that I'm going to need some help. No blog can go on forever. Every story must have its end.

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