Friday, November 21, 2008

If It's Not One Thing...

1) It is freaking snowing here! And to all those folks who naysayed my kids when they were so happy about moving "up North" and having snow, I say...fuck you. It's November.

2) I decided to try really hard to write about non-mom stuff on the blog for a bit. I need a little break from my mom self. It hasn't worked out so well. Without my mom self, I've pretty much got nothing.

3) The boy was Student of the Week for his class this week. That meant he got to bring a show-and-tell everyday. On Tuesday he brought his violin and played for his class. His teacher was so impressed she made him play for his music teacher and a bunch of other classrooms. "I made him play about twenty songs!" she told me.

He was very proud. Last night he told me he overheard someone in the bathroom say that he played better than the fifth graders in orchestra. I'm sure he does.

This morning I told him he had to pick something very special to bring for show-and-tell. He asked, "Can I bring my sister?" How sweet is that?

4) The husband was in San Antonio all week. I seriously cannot wait for him to get home tonight. I've been up to 2 or 3 a.m. every night this week (not by choice). I don't know if I can stay awake until midnight to greet him.

5) My college roommate found me on Facebook. She's still married to the guy she dated through college and they have four daughters. Every one of them looks more like their mom than the last. That is so surreal. I've seen that girl puking up a 2 liter bottle of Purple Passion.

6) I'm trying to plan a trip to New York for a certain blogger's birthday but things keep getting in the way. Including a fourth grade recorder concert. She just played violin at a Bach Festival at the Chrysler Museum of Art but now I have to go watch her squeak through a recorder concert. Eh, I suppose I love the kid. As much as she drives me insane.

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