Thursday, January 08, 2009

He Ain't Heavy

My daughter, who gets pushed and bullied at school and never does anything but tell me about it, seriously considered beating someone up tonight.

Both of the kids were in a big violin group class when one of the boys about my daughter's age (and a complete freak like more than half the kids there) made a point of telling everyone that my son had messed up the bowing on a song.

My son completely ignored the kid. But my daughter was steaming mad.

I mean, really pissed off.

I couldn't actually see her because she was standing behind a column, but she came right up me after class and said, "I did not like what that kid said about my brother."

"I know. It was rude." I told her and patted her head.

But when we got in the car she went off. "I want to beat him up," she insisted. "Nobody treats my brother that way!"

I actually find it humorous. I've learned that being her mother requires me to be very good at finding the humor in things. She won't stand up for herself to save her life but she's going to kick a spaz's ass for some public criticism of her little brother.

I can only shake my head. Maybe she is a little bit like me after all.

Now I need to teach her the art of passive aggressive revenge. Though I think she could have taken the kid.

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