Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Kingdom for Some Influence

Today I will spend all my time preparing for the kids to go on a school visit tomorrow.

They are spending tomorrow at the school I would kill for them to attend next year. Seriously. I'm considering spiking the lunchroom meat with peanuts.

They will go through the entire day in their current grade level, being observed. So I am freaking out today to make them observant-worthy. This means I need to do laundry, pack clean backpacks, get the kids haircuts, brief them on manners and *NOT* crying. And preparing the world's greatest pep talk for the morning.

I can't help but wonder if the Obamas jumped through all these hoops to get Malia and Sasha into Sidwell Friends School. I mean, the schools here told us "no mid-year admissions" but the Obamas didn't seem to have a problem.

Why oh why did I marry a lowly military guy? I should have nabbed me a senator.

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