Monday, March 21, 2005

New York Bound Again

Wow! I am in a good mood. And I don't even know why.

My daughter is sick now. I spent the morning at the doctors office. My house is a mess. I mean a real mess. Like I'd be condemned by the health department if they happened by. I'm suddenly very, very stressed about money. My husband is far away. And I'm so horny I could just die!

But I'm happy!

This deployment is half over. And this is the time in a deployment when I start making plans for my beloved's return. Besides using the knowledge I've gleaned from my gay friends in the last couple of months to totally rock my husband's world, we're also planning some vacation time.

According to my husband's boss (CB's husband), his return date is May 6. According to my husband, he won't be home until the 10th or later. I'm going to plan for about the 16th, and that way I won't feel burned.

This means that I can't attend the aptly named GB:NY2 Muppets on Crack Take Manhattan or my college reunion. As much as I would have liked to attend both of those events, being here when my husband gets home is obviously the priority.

BUT! The tuna family will be spending at least three weeks in July at our summer home. And the tuna kids will spend a few days with the tuna grandparents, and the tuna parents (that's me and my husband, just in case I'm being vague) are going to Manhattan!

Woo hoo! I'm so excited. The hotel is booked and the tickets to Avenue Q are bought. Aaron promised me a picnic in Central Park. I'm dragging Patrick there come hell or high water. (It's about time for Patrick and my husband to meet.) And I'll get to see all of the NYC blogger boys again. (I seriously owe MAK a hug for this.)

And they'll all get to meet my husband. Eek.

So if you can't make this May's GB:NY2 and you really, really want to check out my husband, you better be in NYC July 7-10. I'm not above pimping out my friend to get you all there. (I'll let you guess which friend I mean.)

In the meantime, I'm going to assuage my horniness the best I can and just dream about four whole days away from my kids! Woo hoo! Mama needs it bad!

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