Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This post will go away.

Yesterday, I got a DVD copy of my daughter's Kindergarten play. I wanted to make copies of it for my husband and family.

So, I started digging in the bottom drawer of my desk where we keep DVD-Rs and CD-Rs.

There is a whole stack of CDs sitting upsidedown in the drawer. I've been assuming that they were blank, but I decided to check them out.

And let's see...I found Best Butt in the West, Secret Lives, and Bad. I also found a DVD case for Crammed. I'd quote some of the copy from the cover, but I don't want to get Tuna Girl banned at your workplaces. But there was a lot of stuff about "holes" and "stuffing".

Why didn't I know about this stash. I could have been watching it. How could I have been missing it right there in my drawer for the last two months? It's a good thing I didn't let my father use my office when he asked.

At least it didn't hit me in the head.

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