Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Getting started

Hi everyone, I will be posting for Tuna Girl for a little bit until she gets her “Mojo” back. I am looking forward to this it will give me something to do when I am half away around the world. So there are a few thing we need to get out of the way.

First, it is Sep 11, all I ask for is everyone to be nice to each other, smile hold a door open for a stranger, just be nice. Everyone was affected by 9/11, so remember and be NICE. Thank you

Second, what do you want me to talk about? I am open for Ideas. I have a few but what do you want to know about the Tuna Girl or Tuna Man?

Next, I have to send thanks out to everyone who send me cards and packages for my birthday. I have responded to most of you. Patrick I still need to email you sorry it has taken so long after this I will send one out.

OK now lets get started on the first post. I had a great chat with my wife about sex. Surprising I know. Here is how it started and why we had this 3 hr chat. I heard on the radio the other day at a couple was not going to get married because the women just told her boyfriend how many partners she had been with in the past, and he could not handle the truth. I have to say I don’t remember what the number was but it leads me to the ask TG the question to see if I knew the answer, and I did. What surprised me is that after 18 years of knowing my wife I still learned something new about her past and on the same note I think she learned something about my past also.

My first question to all of you is how many partners are too many? And does it matter if you know who they slept with, mutual friends ect? Next is when do you tell your partner about your past?

This same question was discussed in my office with some of the boys. We started talking about a famous porn star that is retiring from acting and going into directing and other stuff. The question one of the boys asked was would it bother anyone that she slept with all the guys in front of the camera? I was surprised at the answers some could not handle the fact she did it in front of the camera others could not deal with the amount of different men she was with, and me I did not care she was with me now. It all goes back to my questions.

I am looking forward to your comments’.

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