Wednesday, September 12, 2007

True Love

Thank you for all your responses. It was interesting in reading them all. The one thing I found funny is that no one gave me a hard number, like 365 people a year that is too many partners to have for me to be with that person. I wonder if it is because we don’t want to offend someone or is it we don’t want to be that person or be with that person. That is my number by the way 365 people a year, and like so many of you point out there are a lot of variable. I have a distinct advantage in answering this question, I know how many people TG has been with and I know she will not be with anyone else. I also know how many people I have been with and I will not be with anyone else. So for me to give you a number it really has no affect on me other than getting some of you upset with my decision to draw the line. Now with all that said you all are RIGHT it does not matter what the number is the only thing that matters is TRUE LOVE.

That brings me to the question I got from Samantha on how did I fall into love with TG. I don’t think I ever fell into love with TG, I have always been in love with TG. It really comes down to; I did not have enough situational awareness to know I was falling in love; I am and was just in love with her. A good example of my cluelessness as a kid is; I had no idea I was being set up with TG by her mother until about two months later when I was on a date with TG and we talked about it, I was CLUELESS! When we started dating (for the second time) I did not realize it. It took me about two months into college when I had to ask her if we are dating again and we were. On a side note I don’t know if she was seeing anyone during that time while we were “Just Friends” I did not.

When we were seniors in high school I knew that our paths were entangled. I was on a date one night and took her (not TG) to a park, well it was back a little ways away from the baseball field and parking lot. So it was night I don’t remember what time it was like around 10pm because I think TG was just getting off of work (I did not know this at the time) So I was swinging with my date having a good time putting the TM moves on her when we hear a commotions in the parking lot by the Baseball field. I really did not think anything of it I was in the MOOOD and working hard. You could not see the parking lot due to the trees they planted by the outfield fence. Well it turned out the people that were making all the commotion were TG and her boyfriend she was trying to break up with. He tried to kill himself driving his 1986 Honda Civic 10 MPH into a tree. (I still laugh thinking about it).

NOTE: Ok I am re-reading this and it is not funny that he wanted to kill himself but if you knew him he really could not accomplish anything right. The parking lot was very small and the max speed you could get going is about 15 MPH, he was just a drama queen (no offence to all the true drama queens out there)

My date finished uneventful. The next day I was talking to TG and I told her about all the commotions in the parking lot that night and she told me the other half of the story, I still giggle a tree.

I guess if I had to pick a place and time it might have been it was on the swing set in a park by where we worked during high school. We were swinging and talking and I leaned over to her and told her that I loved her. TG will swear that I said it but I did not. I was in a good place in life enjoying dating and not being tied down to any one person WHY would I say that! On other hand; the HOT Catholic school girl (TG) crushed me that day and I am repressing all my bad memories and emotional damage she did to me on the swing, ripping my heart out of my chest and crushing it in her hand right there while I watched. Either way I did not say those words on that day and if you say I did I will deny everything!

So when did I fall in love with TG, I will do the good husband thing, tell you to ask her when I fell in love with her.

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