Friday, November 11, 2005

Coming soon, to a Babylon near you...

I've been seeing billboards all over town for weeks advertising the local appearance of Franklin Graham and Friends.

Considering where I live, I immediately assumed that Franklin Graham was some relation to Billy Graham, and that he would be coming to spread the word at our local arena.

Knowing only that much, I was having fantasies of organizing my own little group to stand by the entrance to the arena with Marriage = Love signs, and such. But, not only is that not the kind of thing I would do, I also needed to do a little research to find out just what kind of message Mr. Graham and Friends would be spreading.

It's wrong of me to assume that just because he is a Jesus freak, he is also a hate monger. (Funny, though, how those two things go hand in hand. I wonder how Jesus would feel about that.)

Then, I saw a commercial for the festival on television. I happened to be speaking to Patrick on the phone when it came on. So he got to hear my complete and utter shock.

"Oh, my god! Patrick. my god. They are actually advertising Bibleman on T.V. Did you hear me? I said Bibleman! That makes me want to go stand in front of the arena and scream!"

I had to go to the website and investigate this Bibleman.

I really did try to do a little research about the Franklin Graham festivals too. But I just couldn't bare the website.

But I found this. This is Bibleman.

By the way, before you click on the link you should know that:

"Please NoteYou are visiting a site outside of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Outside sites are not endorsed by BGEA. Click here to continue or close this new browser window to return to"

Because, God forbid you should have to think for yourself!

Bibleman is the main character in a Fight for Faith video game. If you can stomach it, click the View Clip button to see just what the right is teaching their children with now-a-days.

For just $19.95 your children can be filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ (as it battles for faith with advanced weaponry) too. It is also important to note that admission to the festival is free. God's love is for everyone after all. But please note, "A love offering for Festival expenses will be received each night, if needed."

Aww. A love offering. To cover expenses. How...lovely.

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