Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Snapshots of My Mundane Life

Today I substituted in my daughter's first-grade class for about an hour. I was responsible for taking twenty-one little hellions to lunch so that the teacher could have a break.

This caused me undo amounts of stress. I'm not good with kids. At all. I hate other people's kids and I'm a little bit scared of them. It can't take much for them to realize that there are twenty-one of them and only one of me. They could overpower me so easily.

But I was a little extra stressed today because I was pulling away from the house on my way to school, I saw a typed note on my mailbox.

Those of you who have lived in base housing know exactly what I'm talking about here.

A note on Housing Office letterhead in never a good thing. The last time I received such a note I was written up because my American flag was faded. And the time before that, I was written up for not trimming our tree branches.

I think after three write-ups you get put on housing probation. I know that you get reported to your commander.

But I drove away from the house without checking to see what the note said because I was running a tiny bit late.

The kids were actually pretty good. Though I did have to use my mom voice to stop one kid from burping the alphabet. I'm not used to rude humor. My kids know that would never fly around here.

When I got back home, and while my son went through the ritual of hugging and kissing all of the eight-foot tall blow-up Christmas figures in our yard (pictures forth-coming to my ultimate shame) I read the note.

I wasn't written up for anything. But this may be worse.

Housing maintenance has selected our garage to be remodeled. We have to clear out an eight-foot area back from the door for the contractor to have room to work.

Ummm. Great.

Does anybody remember the great garage investigation back in January? (I deleted the actual post after a few weeks which I almost always do when I post pictures. Also, I didn't want to antagonize my man any more than really necessary.)

Clear an eight-foot swath out of that packed to the rafters mess? I think I would have rather been written up.

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