Wednesday, January 11, 2006

And Answers

We haven't gotten final word on my husband's possible deployment, but we did get a most likely answer.

As it stands right now, he will NOT be spending a year in Iraq. He also WON'T be moving to his new job until this summer. Which means we'll be stuck here through summer of 2009 and his next promotion board.

The good news: He's not going to Iraq. (Yay!)

The bad news: He may not be going anywhere, ever. (Boo.)

He suggests that I start earning the millions I'm worth and he can separate from the military and live a life of leisure on Cape Cod. There may be some holes in his plan.

It's weird because my first feeling whenever I hear that he won't be included in a deployment is guilt. Why should I get to have my husband home when so many other wives don't? I know that's strange, but we can't help what we feel, right?

And then, of course, I feel relief. 2005 was not an easy year for us. But even in the midst of it, I knew that we were working through a lot of shit to get to a place on the other side where our marriage would be even better than it was before.

And we're there. And it was worth it. And I really didn't want him to go away just when things were getting so freaking good.

Anyway, it might not make for the most exciting blog post. But I realized last night (when I realized that I hadn't even told Patrick about the not-going-to-Iraq-thing) that there are people out there who worry for me. And I wanted to set their minds at ease.


If you haven't yet, scroll down and de-lurk. You know you want to.

Oh, and for the record, if I had my way, I'd be playing ring toss with some Krispy Kremes and Paul Walker.

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