Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Crack my shit up! Fo shizzle.

Okay, I have a list of eleven things I'd like to write about. And not one of them is the least bit funny. And after yesterday's post, well, enough of that boring shit for now.

So I was checking my stat meter and trying to think of something light-hearted to say.

When I came across this. I'm probably late to the game as usual, but it cracked me up. And now I can't stop talking like Snoop Dog. It ain't pretty.

I don't gangsta mizzle at all from mah pimpin' day.

Whizzat, oh what, have they done ta mah preshizzous shawty boy?

Maybe that would makes a good Valentizzles Day gift n shit.

Speaking of which, so a lot of you are men. Right? Or you're married to men.

In all the years we've been together, I can't recall ever once really wowing my husband with a Valentine's Day gift.


Um, suggestion that cost under $200?

Thanks fo` yo hizzle, playas.

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