Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back Home and Broke

What does a thirty-something housewife do when she is let loose from all her responsibilities and spends New Year's Eve in New York City?

She goes to bed at 6 p.m. on the Upper West Side.

And then she plays mother to a certain person she went to visit who went out with his coworkers and got so drunk he can't remember how he managed to get home at 3:30 in the morning.

It's okay though. That certain drunk person is a pretty cute drunk.

"Buzz me in."


"I didn't make it."

And the reason I was so wiped out on New Year's Eve is because I had a great few days before hand.

On Thursday, I met up with everyone's favorite Famous Author, Patrick, and some of Patrick's coworkers for dinner. They were a blast and dinner was great. I hadn't realized that everyone else had been drinking before I arrived. Which is why the dinner conversation turned to the strangest place we'd ever had sex. My back of a limo story was a dud compared to everyone else's.

Then Patrick and I joined Rob for a Cosmo or four at Posh. There was quite the interesting crowd there that night. And a certain fellow found it necessary to show Patrick his Prince Albert. I'm not sure how I missed that one.

On Friday night, Patrick and I joined Jess, Marc, and Aaron for dinner at the restaurant where Patrick works. It was a nice place and dinner was excellent. It was also very obvious that Patrick is very well-liked there. (Of course!)

The five of us ended up at O.W. for after dinner drinks, but not before we called Pua. The crowd there was even more interesting. There were no P.A.s in sight, but holy hell there were some very drunk folks. I think Aaron should have FREAK MAGNET tattooed on his forehead.

I had a blast with those guys too. Jess and Marc are as sweet as can be. Patrick and I were going to hang out more with Aaron that night, but I wasn't feeling so hot. So Patrick played nursemaid and took me home and tucked me in.

We spent New Year's Eve day brunching and shopping. I had planned to go to Jess and Marc's in Long Island after Patrick went to work, but I was feeling sicker and sicker. I begged off (which I hate to do) and hit the hay.

Patrick's neighbors woke me up sometime that night. Someone was getting a little New Year's nookie. And they weren't quiet about it. But I at least got to call my husband and wish him a Happy New Year. I also got to listen to the sound of the fireworks. I've heard plenty of fireworks before in my life, but never in such an urban setting. The sounds echoing off all the buildings were really quite eerie.

Patrick was still drunk the next morning, so we had a pretty low key day. We brunched again and walked Central Park and the Upper East Side. He got off of work early that night and just the two of us had a nice dinner. (A certain Famous Author and his boyfriend couldn't stay up late enough to join us.) We capped my visit off with a quick drink at Marie's Crisis.

I had a really nice trip. It was so nice to see Patrick settling into his new home. You know how sometimes you come home from a vacation and you feel like you need another vacation just to relax. I didn't feel that way at all. I was sad to say goodbye to Patrick as I always am, but I was very happy to be going home to my family too.

And my completely amazing husband had completely cleaned and organized our house while I was away. What an amazing thing to come home to!

I feel so positive about everything right now. I have the greatest best friend, the most wonderful husband, and two very special kids. What a great way to start off a new year.

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