Monday, January 16, 2006

I swear I used to be smarter.

I wasn't going to post today, since it is a holiday and the kids and husband are all home. But I oddly feel like they're all playing hooky and I should be going about my normal Monday routine.

It's been an odd weekend, all around.

On Friday, I was headed to the dog groomers when I suddenly realized that it would be a lot more effective if I actually had the dog with me. So I headed back to base.

When I drove through the base gates I saw something odd. There were huge signs for a Coast Guard tenant unit. It's odd because they never post big signs for tenant units. And...oh yeah. The coast is a couple hundred miles away!

I also saw a big charter bus with Coast Guard painted on the side parked on the mall. And throughout the morning, I saw Coast Guard aircraft buzzing around the flight line.

Just as I was starting to think that some major base realignment had happened without me knowing it and that maybe I'd get to meet a blogger friend whose husband is in the Coast Guard, my husband came home.

"Did you see that they're making a movie on base?"

No. But that would explain a hell of a lot. Apparently it's a big budget flick featuring a very famous actor who I won't name. I'm just surprised they couldn't find a Coast Guard base to shoot at. (Wait! That sounds wrong!)

By the way, while I was getting out of the car on Friday, I poked myself in the neck. Don't ask me how I managed it, but I somehow planted the tip of my van key right into the side of my neck. It hurt like heck and I have a stupid looking bruise.

Saturday we spent relaxing, except for when I went to the gym and ogled men--I mean--worked out.

Sunday we took the kids to the new touristy area here on the river. We had a nice day. We saw Hoodwinked and it was really quite good. If you don't have kids to take, you should probably borrow someone's. It was really funny and worth seeing.

And today was all about taking my van to the shop to get things all perfect so that I won't decide that I want a new one. But the Honda Odyssey is so pretty! (I'm not going to mention how I told them that my van's VCR wasn't working and it turned out that I just hadn't put in a tape. I'm just going to blame one of the kids for ejecting a tape without me knowing it.)

That's my life in a nutshell. I swear I'm not a ditz. No really. Ask around. I just do these cute little things so I'll have something to blog about on a holiday Monday.



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