Monday, January 09, 2006

I've always wanted to do this.

Feed my ego.

I have it on good authority that today is De-lurking Day. (Or actually, it is De-lurking Week.)

I've always wanted to ask my readers to de-lurk. Every once in a while I meet non-bloggers and non-commenters who read my blog. And I'm always a little shocked.

But asking people to comment seems a little, oh I don't validate-me-my-blog-and-my-existence-please-ish.

But what the hell. Maybe we can have some fun with it.

How about we each use the comments to say hello? And maybe tell us all the celebrity you'd most like to sleep with. Or your favorite food. Ooh, ooh. Or maybe how you'd like to use your favorite food while having sex with your favorite celebrity.

Or you could just say hello. That will work too.

Don't let me down people. I'm enormously shy and I have an extremely fragile ego.

No, really. It's true.


By the way, thanks for all of your kind comments about my husband's possible deployment. Your support really does mean a great deal to me. I appreciate you all being eHere for me.

See how important comments can be?

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