Friday, July 01, 2005

"Debra Messing Says Hi"

This is what my life has been reduced to.

My best friend called me after midnight to tell me, "Debra Messing says 'Hi.'"

I have to admit that I'm just a tiny bit bitter. Once I picked the kids up from my parent's last week, I slid right back into my single mom/prisoner in my own home routine.

So while I was sitting at home, listening to my kids snore and watching television, Patrick was in P-Town hanging out with Debra Messing.

Now I have to admit that it wasn't his meeting a celebrity that made me bitter. I've never been one to be awestruck by celebrities. I figure they are just people, like all of us, who happen to have jobs that cause many people to recognize them.

If I could meet anyone I wanted, I'd rather meet someone like Ryan, or Jeff, or Scott and Jay. Or Pua, or Nicky, or Knottyboy. You know. Cool people who I can relate to.

It was Patrick's being out and having fun and talking to other adults and not being alone, alone, alone that made me jealous.

But my husband is on his way here right now. The kids go back to my parents next week. And my husband and I will be in NYC July 7-10. (We're shy, you New York guys. Don't let us flounder in the big city!) I know I have some fun in store soon.

But right now I'm letting the kids watch DVDs because it's pouring out and I'm thinking we could have done this back home!

Hmmm. I may have just scooped a blog topic from Patrick. But oh well. He deserves it for having fun without me.

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