Friday, August 29, 2008

A Good Day

Yesterday was so great!

First off, I got mail!

Here's a little sumptin' sumptin' from his highness the Cheap Blue Guitar.

How fun! My daughter is completely convinced that it was all meant for her. But I'm the hottie in this family.

There's nothing better than getting real mail.

Then, right before I left the house to pick up the kids, these were delivered from my husband.

Awww. Aren't they nice? Happy Anniversary to me. (I got him chocolates. And I haven't even eaten any of them.)

And finally, late, late, late Wednesday night (Thursday morning really) I got an e-mail from the music academy people asking me if the kids could each play a solo violin piece for their new parent and student orientation.

So I took them over there last night and they totally rocked it! Seriously. They were both flawless. And they did an impromptu question and answer session with the parents.

A parent asked them what was their favorite thing about violin. My daughter answered, "My favorite thing is to play in front of people." And my son answered, "I like to practice!" which made everyone chuckle.

The same parent asked what was their least favorite thing. My son immediately answered that he didn't like the very first part of practice (which would be scales). My daughter added, "I don't like getting up at 6 every morning to practice." My son popped in with a heartfelt, "Me too!" and everyone chuckled again.

My son is such the little comedian. He's just naturally funny and hasn't gotten obnoxious with it yet. (Note to self: watch for that.)

One of the teachers there gushed to my husband about what great kids they are. And their new school teachers have been very positive. My son's teacher told me he is the most polite little boy she has ever met.

All in all, I couldn't be more proud.

It was a good day.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things that made me smile this week

Last weekend I bought my husband a lawn mower while going commando.

And he didn't even find it hot.

Of course, it would may have been hotter if he wasn't aware that I was going commando because I had no clean underwear.

But still.


Completely unrelated...but made me laugh.

On the phone with Patrick the wayward blogger last night...

Me: So, how was P-Town? I hear the cops are really cracking down on public sex at the dick docks this year.

Patrick: Not that I noticed.

And he wants us to think he's all innocent.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Up with Tuna Man

Today is our anniversary. Thirteen years ago (I thought it was fourteen years but had to count on my fingers) I married that kid with the mullet I met in high school. Thousands of hair cuts later, we're still in love.

I'm going to drive up to his office today for a daytime date. It's easier than getting a babysitter.

So I thought today would be a good day to share a little bit of what has been going on in the life of my man.

Tuna Man recently (finally) graduated from his master's program. Whoa. That sounds kinky. Let me rephrase. Tuna Man recently completed his master's degree in aeronautical science. And even though I...ahem...consulted on quite a few of his papers, I had no idea what his degree was actually in until I asked him yesterday. And he wasn't even sure.

But it doesn't matter because this means that in seven years when he's ready to ditch this military life (Can you believe he is eligible for retirement in seven years? Bitch is old.) he has a degree that will help him get started in a second career.

And then we'll be rich. (Let me live with my illusions, please.)

In other Tuna Man related news, he recently answered the call to coach Little Tuna Boy's soccer team. He's been so nervous about it, which is really cute. (I wonder if he thought I was cute when I was sick to my stomach about coaching softball? Hmmm?)

Last night was their first practice. Some of those kids were damn good (better than our kid, for sure) and they kept Tuna Man on his toes. It was so cute to see my man interact with these boys. And it made me wonder just what he's like at work (or at least at his old work where he spent most of his time teaching).

Oh, speaking of teaching, Tuna Man is also considering teaching in the school he just graduated from. Isn't that funny? Get a degree and turn around and teach? But supposedly, they need people.

And then we'll be rich. (What? Illusions, people. Illusions.)

In other get rich quick news, Tuna Man also was recently certified as a hockey referee. Now that I can totally see. Without experience he can only ref for little kids and adults, but he'll look so cute in his striped shirt. Like he worked a Footlocker.

And then we'll be rich.

Huh? I hadn't realized just how busy Tuna Man has been. (No wonder the lawn needs to be mowed.) (No that is not a euphemism.) (Or maybe it is.)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Frankly, Nothing Will Ever Measure Up

First day at the fancy-schmancy, cost-more-than-my-college private school and my kid gets her binder stolen. By a kid named Toby. Even though her teacher said she knew it was my kid's binder. It was "his word against hers".

Momma Bear ain't happy.

I'm already preparing applications for the other fancy-schmancy, cost-more-than-my-college private school for next year.

Oh, and apparently, I can sneak in just one peanut and wipe out half of the student body.

Huh. Maybe there's my plan for ensuring a place at that other fancy-schmancy, cost-more-than-my-college private school.

In fact, armed with peanuts I may be able to take over the world.

Woo Hoo! Back to School!

First and Fourth Grade

Kindergarten and Third Grade

Preschool 4 and Second Grade

Preschool 3 and First Grade

Skipping a couple of years (got to get those pictures off the other computer) to the girl's very first day of Preschool 3.

My, how they have grown.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's Be Honest

Okay, let's be honest. First of all, if I hadn't written that post last night, I never would have written on my blog again. It was do or die.

I have been suffering from intense writer's block, but only because I've been so fucked up lately.

I'm trying really hard to give myself credit here. Whenever I feel down for more than a couple of days, I worry that something more is wrong with me. I've seen too many people suffer with depression, and I just don't want to go down that path.

But I have to cut myself some slack. Moving was hard. I miss my friends and my comfortable life. I miss being the person in the know. I miss being the person everyone counted on. I really liked being that person.

Creating a new reputation for yourself sucks. Nobody gives you the benefit of the doubt when you're just that new mom at school. Or that new neighbor who doesn't know how to garden.

I've lived within the uber safety of a military base for too long.

I find that I am inexplicably nervous about going out at night. I don't want to get gas or pick up groceries once it is dark out. I have never been fearful before. I walk all around New York City but I'm afraid to venture out in Virginia Beach! That's stupid!

My natural shyness and fear of judgement is in hyper drive. I've forced myself to go to the new parent orientation and a beach party at school, but I don't talk to anyone.

I put off RSVPing to a blogger's party because I was too nervous to go by myself and I was waiting to see if my husband would be home from his TDY in time to go with me. And then I completely forgot about it. I feel so bad, first for being rude and second for missing the opportunity to make friends. (And third for writing about it here before I sent said blogger a note of apology.)

Ack. I could very easily fall into a pool of the I-hate-myselves right now. I'm trying very hard to give myself time and slack.

On the positive side, I love where I'm living and I see lots of potentially happy days ahead. I'm, as always, very happy with my family. We laugh all the time.

The biggest news around here right now is that the kids and I have practiced violin for 65 days in a row. We took a 100 Days of Practice challenge and we're really kicking it up a notch. In fact, just the other night when my daughter got in trouble for throwing a fit, she started crying that she didn't want to miss violin practice. You've got to love that. If we hit 365 days of practice in a row, we're going to Hawaii.

On the extremely positive side, tomorrow is the first day of school! Woo hoo! Actually, they had a special day for new students last Wednesday and my son had a half day on Friday. But tomorrow is the first official full day of school.

I'll be peeling rubber out of that parking lot tomorrow morning.

I have to admit, I love having two elementary school-aged kids. I don't miss the days of diapers and preschool at all. I've loved every stage of their growing up and I have no regrets. I can't wait to see what this year will bring.

With 1000 posts under my belt on this here blog, I really thought about hanging it all up. I always swore that I wouldn't let it just fade away, so I either had to throw myself into it wholeheartedly, or let it go.

I've decided to throw myself into it wholeheartedly. Let's be honest. The truth is that I need my blog now more than ever.

With the kids back in school, look for daily writing from me once again. It won't all be brilliant, but it will be something. Something I need.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

How The Olympics Ruined My Life

I've noticed that I'm not the only person out there looking haggard and worn this week. I've been staying up late, just like everyone else, watching the Olympics.

I don't mean to. Every night I tell myself that I've already read the results, I don't really care about ping pong, and sleep is more important than yelling at yet another judge.

But I keep watching. I keep getting sucked back in.

I can understand staying up to watch Michael Phelps win gold, or the drama of underage girls contorting themselves on a balance beam, or even the bevy of tight muscles so well displayed on divers, beach volleyball players and world class runners.

But last night I stayed up all night watching walking.


I stayed up all night watching men swivel their hips around a sidewalk for four hours.

What the hell?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Tuna Girl = Death of Me?

For a few days, I've had an idea for a post peculating in my brain. I was going to write about how much the Little Tuna Girl has grown and changed in the last few years. You know, kind of a "Little Tuna Girl Not So Little Anymore" kind of thing.

But right now she is crying her eyes out and making herself sick because she got ten wrong on her math homework. (Yes they have summer homework.)

So I am not feeling so charitable toward her at the moment. I'm afraid the tone of such a piece would not be one that I would want to stand the test of time.

Meanwhile I have noticed that this is my 999th post (such as it is).

I must consider if my 1000th post has significant meaning to me or not. Hmmmmm. Something to think about.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Moment

It's hard to believe that just last weekend I was feeling lonely.

I just did a little dance to celebrate the husband and kids leaving the house.

It's been a hard week. Not because anything big happened but because we've all been a little out of sorts. This summer is stretching on and on and I am so ready for fall. I guess it is probably harder for all of us to make friends and feel at home without our normal routine of school.

The kids start school in less than two weeks.

Right now I'm going to savor a few moments of alone time. And eat cookies. And count the hours until I drop the kids off for the first day of school.

And then eat more cookies.

Monday, August 04, 2008

I'd like mornings better if they started later.

The world is an entirely different place at 6 in the morning.

I rarely see this hour.

Over my three days of alone time I totally screwed up my sleep. Without anything or anyone to wake up for I slept until I wasn't tired anymore. Which meant that I slept until almost 3 in the afternoon last Friday. (I must have been really tired!) Which meant that I couldn't fall asleep at all that night. And the damage was done.

But when I felt unexpectedly tired at 9 last night, I followed my husband to bed* and hoped that my problem was solved.

But I was wide awake by 1 a.m. and couldn't stand to stay in bed another moment.

I so fervently wish that I could be a morning person. This morning I got to hang out and chat with my husband while he got ready for work. I got to spend some quality time with my son who is sickeningly happy in the morning. He was even dancing! And I got to sip coffee while the men in my life had bacon and eggs. It was nice.

I feel like if I could just wake up at 6 a.m. every morning my life would be so much better. All of my problems would be fixed. I'd be the kind of person who exercises and folds laundry right out of the drier. I'd be the kind of person who saves money and has a hobby. I'd be the kind of person who has a clean house and...does stuff.

My teeth would be white. My hair would blow in a constant wind. And I'd wear...outfits!

I could star in my own herpes commercial!

But, alas, even typing this entry has taxed me too much. A morning of penance for a long weekend full of sloth could never turn me into what I most certainly am not; a white-teethed, blowing-haired, non-slothed exerciser who folds laundry whilst scrapbooking and balancing my checkbook.

I pretty much am the stereotypical housewife who sits on her fat ass eating bon bons all day and it is time I embrace it! After I go have a nap.

This morning sun is killing me.

* Get your minds out of the gutter. We don't do that sort of thing. We're old married people, one of whom is covered in poison ivy.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Home Sick

My daughter just called me crying.

She has a headache and she is homesick and she misses me.

Awwww. Poor kid.

Funny though, I can leave her with my parents for a week or more and she loves it. But with her dad and brother she's upset?

I wonder if something happened.

Poor baby girl. I miss them too.

Who would have thought.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Alone Party 08!

I am all alone until Sunday night.

Woo hoo!

My husband was going to take a little road trip to return the car trailer we used when we moved. He was also going to visit his mom.

But the kids asked to go with him and now suddenly I have a whole long weekend to myself.

How am I celebrating?

Today I slept in. And I haven't gotten dressed yet.

I think I'll go to McDonald's later. Woo hoo! Because I could never do that with the kids.

Truly, I'll spend all of my time unpacking and masturbating. But probably not in that order.

It's Alone Party 08! Woo hoo!