Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where, oh, where has Tuna Girl gone?

Here I am! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.

When I arrived back to Massachusetts from New York City I was definitely feeling very down. My husband and I had one marathon phone discussion in which he basically told me to fuck it. Fuck it all. He told me to do whatever I needed to get through these months, even if that included letting my parents win. He suggested that I give my parents a firm date on when they could keep the kids, and then taking advantage of the time and having some fun.

So I did.

I twisted Patrick's arm up way behind his back and convinced him to come visit me on Cape Cod. Then I twisted a few more arms and got Jase, his boyfriend Brian, and their friend Charles to come visit from the 4th through the weekend.

I'm so glad everyone came.

We spent most of every day in Provincetown and we had a blast. P-town is one of Patrick's favorite places and it was very nice to be able to enjoy it with him. We dined on some amazing food and probably drank way too much. Luckily, moderate Jase was able to drive us back to my shack every night. We walked the beach, walked the galleries, and walked the shops.

By the way, the shops in P-town sell some tiny, little bathing suits. I'm just saying.

I also got to see my first drag show. Cashetta claims to be the world's only drag magician. Let's hope. Actually, the show was fun and Patrick took a turn on stage as Cashetta's lovely assistant.

Have I ever mentioned that Patrick is a bit of a ham?

I have no photos to share because my husband took our camera on his deployment with him. But that may be for the best. Planter's punch goes down way easy.

All in all, I had a blast. I was especially glad to get to know Brian. I'd met him once when Patrick and Jase ran the Race to Deliver but I had no idea how much fun he could be. There's just something about a Midwestern boy.

I have a couple of stories to tell that I'll save for another day. For now, I'm enjoying having my children back where they belong. These lazy summer days filled with miniature golf, afternoons on the beach, and more trips to ice cream parlors than we probably need are absolutely priceless. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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